Paracas Yachts eliminates fuel dependency with alternative energy solution

• 21 mars 2011 • Comments (0)

A new alternative energy solution has come from where it is least expected – a luxury mega yacht company.

Paracas 158

Paracas Yachts has patented hydro-electric regeneration technology that utilizes the sails of a large vessel to actively generate very large quantities of electrical power. The physics behind this technology is simple. As the mega yacht is moving at full speed via its sails, the captain can press a switch and harness the momentum in two specially designed hydro-electric turbines in the mega yacht’s hulls creating little to no drag and regenerating up to 360kw an hour. Paracas Yachts has designed the first ever truly practical “green” luxury mega yacht.

Luxury items are seldom known for being conservative on carbon output and energy consumption, but times are changing and the green movement is more obvious than ever. Until now the only true “green” mega yachts have been experiments that sacrifice aesthetics and performance – which are great for research but have extremely low marketability. When looking at Paracas Yachts one could never guess that they have the capability of crossing the Pacific Ocean without ever using a drop of fuel. Paracas Yachts are the symbol that energy efficiency is permeating even the highest of financial circles – not because it saves money, but because it makes sense.

Paracas Yachts are products of two different worlds. Andre Aisner, an experienced architect, sailor and visionary, designed the yacht from top to bottom paying close attention to detail and radiating elegance from every angle. William Ray, an electrical engineer and former NASA contractor, through extensive research and help from colleagues at MIT and Stanford, designed the entirely “green” system that is Paracas Yachts technology. Much like the electrical cars that are now being available to the public, the yachts use a battery bank instead of a fuel tank. The latest technology in lithium-ion battery design allow for the large electrical current outputs and inputs that are necessary for the Paracas Yachts system.

Paracas Yachts can be plugged in while at dock to recharge the batteries, however, the technology does not stop there. They go a step further and actively recharge their batteries while under sail. The battery bank onboard a Paracas Yacht can be fully charged in 4 to 5 hours of sailing. A full battery charge can give a Paracas Yacht 10 days of on-board electrical power, which on traditional yachts would be supplied by diesel generators. When not under sail, Paracas Yachts have an electric propulsion system consisting of jet drives and electrical motors that can cruise for up to 8 hours on a full charge at a cruising speed of 14 knots.

Paracas Yachts has just now finished their design phase and are ready to be built and customized for the next multi-millionaire that wants to make a statement to the world. Paracas Yachts is also looking for suppliers, visionaries, and other companies that want to partner together to construct a Paracas Yacht design and be a part of the alternative energy revolution.

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